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The Journey of OB&E Rubber Company

At OB&E Rubber Company, we pride ourselves on being more than your typical conveyor belt solutions provider. With over 70 years of experience under our belt, we specialize in designing, fabricating, and installing conveyor belt systems, perfectly tailored to meet the requirements of various industries in the Midwest. Our commitment goes beyond delivering top-notch conveyor belt solutions; we provide a suite of services designed to maximize your productivity and efficiency while minimizing downtime. From splicing techniques to conveyor belt maintenance, our experienced and licensed technicians ensure everything is in perfect working order.

Over Seven Decades of Growth and Dedication

OB&E Rubber Company’s expertise has been servicing the entire Midwest, continuously expanding and evolving with the industry’s needs. Each day is a new opportunity for us to deliver our best, meeting the high expectations of various production-based operations such as coal mining, power plants, and rock quarries. As an authorized Continental Belt Line and Flexco Belt Fasteners Distributor, we enrich our product offerings with high-quality conveyor belts from trusted sources. This has allowed us to stand out as a reliable partner that delivers superior products and services at competitive rates.

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