final beltIndustrial Belting

OB&E Rubber Company can do just about anything a company needs in regards to belting. We also offer used belting at a discount price.

Here is a list of services we provide

  • Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing
  • Vulcanized Finger Splicing
  • Steel Cable Splicing
  • Mechanical Splicing
  • Custom Belt Fabrication
  • used beltsBelt Winding
  • Belt Slitting/Trimming
  • Hole Repairs
  • Scraper Installation
  • Scraper Maintenance
  • Impact/Sealing System Installation
  • Pulley Relagging
  • Pulley Installation
  • Conveyor Structure Fabrication
  • Conveyor Chute Fabrication
  • Conveyor Systems Surveys